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As an interior design consultant by trade and education, for many, many years I have worked with businesses and homeowners, creating their dream homes, assisting with remodeling and improvement projects.  

One of my favorite parts about an interior design project is the final steps of placing art and accessories.  Occasionally when searching for just the right piece, I would stumble upon a beautiful hand-painted silk scarf.  I would be drawn to it, like a magnet!  I love the depth of color, the way the it slipped through my fingers and even the smell of silk.  It’s truly a magical experience for all the senses!  

After ordering a beginners kit and several qualities of silk scarves, I was hooked on the infinite number of techniques to uniquely express myself through painting on silk.  Manipulating and controlling how the dye takes to the silk is endless.

Wanting to know more about duplicating my silk images, I jumped in with both feet, learning everything I could about digital printing on textiles.  Along the way, I rediscovered the joy of yoga.  One thing led to another and Yoga Energy Art was born!   Digital painting on the computer with the aid of a graphics tablet and printing the images on silk.  As they say, it is all about the journey.  Learning, growing, sharing and BEing more than I ever imagined.

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Erin's art has brought me so much joy! The chakra art is my favorite... I never get tired of looking at it. I have also purchased numerous things from Erin as gifts for friends and family (chakra prints, note cards, and eye pillows). These gifts must be made with special energy and love swirled in because these friends often mention these gifts over and over. Erin's art is special just like her talents.
Amelia D.

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Erin O'Brien

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Make Your Own!

...Erin O’Brien offer silk painting workshops at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, Janet Carson Gallery (titled “Wine and Whimsy”), the Heyde Center for the Arts, and in-home parties.

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Spring Art Show:   Area Artist Turns Passion Into Profession

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