Wellness for Business

Posted: May 13, 2019

Tapping into your creative abilities can change your physiology, mental and emotional states. Fostering creativity in the workplace creates a happier, healthier and more productive working environment ! Enhance overall health and well-being by using creative, fun team building projects. There are many documented health benefits of connecting to the creative energy we all have.

Invite Erin Designs to your company retreat, business after hours, personal wellness day or other team building event. All instruction and supplies are provided. Contact Erin for more information and a quote.

Wearable Art: Learning about the origin, weights, types and uses of silk, then dye a scarf. There are no mistakes, only beautiful, wearable art. A self-confidence booster!

Creative Mindfulness: Using ink, paper and patterns. Zentangles and mandala art aid in losing yourself in a tangle of lines and patterns. Chattering thoughts disappear, letting the analytical mind take a nap.

Everything is Energy” Discovering the relationship of color, energy and art. The more your know, the better you feel.​​​​

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