Meet Erin O'Brien

Art has always been a part of my path. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in art and interior design, I built and ran a successful interior design business for over 25 years.

In 2000 I received a wake up call. I was diagnosed with optic neuritis, a condition which causes temporary vision loss, presenting itself as an early symptom of multiple sclerosis. This diagnosis uprooted my priorities, and guided me toward a more aligned expression of my creative self.

This diagnosis was a catalyst for change. Good self care became a priority, and helped me heal. During this time I discovered a toolbox of healthy coping skills and healing modalities, which I’ve spent the past twenty years integrating into my life.

These lifestyle changes guided me toward alignment of my true self, and re-ignited my passion for creating fine art. As my journey progressed, I began to integrate what I was learning into my professional life as an artist. Eventually I transitioned from Interior Design to Studio Art full time.

I currently create art from a space of joy, appreciation, and love in the following mediums: silk painting, fiber art, watercolor, pen, ink, and sculpture.

My mission is to share the joy that I feel while creating and raise the energy of our planet through my art and design, as I plant seeds of curiosity, beauty, joy and love.