Green Practices

Posted: May 13, 2019

Erin Designs is a leader when it come to sustainability and its commitment to being as green as possible.  

Some things we do to keep our footprint light on the earth are:    

  • Whenever possible our boxes are either partly or 100% made from recycled cardboard or we use boxes other companies are going to throw away.  
    Don’t be alarmed if you receive a box has an obscure name on it.
  • We reuse or recycle all incoming cardboard shipping boxes.  
  • If your package contains packing peanuts, they will be styrofoam that we have obtain from another shipper or packing peanuts made from
    pure biodegradable potato starch.  Feel free to reuse the peanuts.
  • Unless you request gift packaging, we keep shipping supplies pretty simple.  Less is more!
  • Who needs paper towels or napkins when there are so many beautiful cloth alternatives?  Same goes for coffee cups
    and drinking glasses.  Cherished coffee mugs, each has their own personality…  
  • Of course we recycle our waste paper, plastic, bottles and cans!  
  • We even compost all organic matter:  Coffee is a big one here.
  • Whenever possible, we print our marketing materials on recycled paper, using soy based inks.  
  • Using natural daylight, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs along with dimmer switches help conserve energy.  
  • Computers and appliances are powered down when not in use.  
  • We use non-toxic cleaning products.  
Our goal is to keep as much as we can out of our landfills, conserve energy, work in a safe and clean environment and
share our enthusiasm to keep our beautiful blue planet happy and healthy.

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